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Charleston Criminal Defense Lawyer for Speeding Ticket

Charleston DUI Attorney

Criminal attorney Tim Amey defends Charleston, SC traffic ticket cases

and can help you better understand what is possible in your particular case.  Different courts and different officers operate on a broad spectrum at this level of government.  A free consultation about your case may reveal options you did not realize were possible.  Fees for defending traffic violations are reasonable and can offer a truly cost effective alternative when factoring the potential fines and insurance consequences of a conviction.

Charleston Criminal Defense Lawyer for Speeding Ticket

Former North Charleston, SC prosecutor, turned criminal defense attorney, Tim Amey has handled thousands of traffic ticket cases.

Before Tim Amey turned criminal defense attorney, Tim Amey has handled and tried you go in to court and simply plead guilty, call and set up a consultation with Tim Amey to discuss what options may be available to you.

Speeding tickets are most commonly what people think of when they hear traffic ticket, but there are a wide variety of offenses that can be written on a traffic ticket.  Drug Charges,DUI and many other crimes committed in the presence of an officer can all be written on what is officially known as a Uniform Traffic Ticket.

Do I really need to hire an attorney for traffic tickets in Charleston?

Well, depending on your case, it may be possible to receive a reduction in fine, reduction in points, a deferral of punishment (specified period of time in which good behavior results in dismissal) or even an outright dismissal.  Another option is to have an entirely different violation rewritten on a separate ticket.

The result of doing so can help clients avoid expensive insurance consequences.  If you have had one or more speeding tickets in the past and did not hire an attorney, the potential consequences may be worse than you think.  Call Charleston SC criminal defense attorney Tim Amey today for a free consultation about your traffic ticket or speeding ticket.