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Municipal courts are “traffic courts” in the truest sense.

They cannot hear anything but criminal cases. Traffic tickets make up the largest segment of cases in these courts. North Charleston SC criminal defense attorney Tim Amey is the former Chief Prosecutor for the city’s municipal court. Except for the rarest of instances, where there is joint enforcement or some conflict between defendants and court personnel, only one police force will be represented in Municipal Court cases. Those officers that work for the City or Town will be the only police force present.

Keeping it all in the family, in Municipal Court it is usually the case that the Judge, Prosecutor and Officers are all employees of the City or Town.

Naturally, it is a friendly atmosphere for everyone involved, unless you are the defendant. It can be a very UN-friendly scenario for someone charged with a crime standing before a Judge and next to officers and prosecutors who work together every week.

North Charleston criminal defense lawyer Tim Amey

can help restore balance and tip the scales of justice back in your favor. When you face a criminal charge in Municipal Court, you need the help of an experienced lawyer who can help navigate a seemingly hostile environment to an outsider. As the former prosecutor for North Charleston Municipal Court, Tim Amey learned how things work from within the system. Put his knowledge to work for you in your case.

Municipal courts have jurisdiction over the majority of criminal misdemeanors. Drug Crimes, DUI and Criminal Domestic Violence are all heard in either Magistrate or Municipal Court, depending on the agency making the charge.

Municipal Court is run by the city in which it is located. Charleston Municipal Court, Mount Pleasant Municipal Court, North Charleston Municipal Court and those in Isle of Palms, Goose Creek and Summerville are all run by those respective local governments. Municipal Courts have limited jurisdiction and solely handle criminal cases under South Carolina Code. If you have a case in Municipal Court, call criminal defense attorney Tim Amey today for a free consultation.