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Prosecuting for North Charleston, SC for the better part of a decade criminal defense attorney Tim Amey handled hundreds of Driving Under Suspensi

Driving Under Suspension or DUS is one of very few moving violations that almost always ends in an arrest.

DUS 2nd and 3rd Offense are guaranteed arrests and carry up to 60 and 90 days in jail, respectively. Each conviction also carries an additional suspension.

Habitual Offender status can also become a problem

when too many convictions occur within the statutory time limit. At every point in the process of reaching this stage, it is advantageous to fight the charge.  Charleston criminal defense lawyer Tim Amey can help you do just that. Early intervention is best, because failing to avail yourself of the assistance of effective counsel will likely end up costing you much more.  However, no matter what the charge, or how deep a hole you may have dug for yourself, an experienced and aggressive defense attorney can play a vital role in protecting you from further, more dire consequences.

Several issues must be proven by the state in a Driving Under Suspension tria

l and it is very often the case that some part of the puzzle is missing.  The State may have trouble establishing you were driving, or might not be able to prove notice. Make sure you have an attorney with the experience of trying cases and winning them.  Call criminal defense lawyer Tim Amey today for a free consultation.